Currently located in Pittsburgh, PA, Cat Luck, a non-binary human started Collarbone Jewelry in 2010 with $5, a bicycle, and a dream too big to keep in one place. They have not stopped evolving since. A nomad at heart, Cat has travelled up and down the country establishing the Collarbone brand. They started their career in Utah, and has called Salt Lake City, Pittsburgh and NYC their main hubs. 

 Cat is inspired by the raw aesthetics of the natural world. They thinks of themself as a visual storyteller, using the alchemy of pure and mixed metals, precious gems, and raw stones to create striking and eclectic pieces that speak for themselves. Cat has apprenticed in the traditional craft of lost-wax casting and has studied with stone-setters and silversmiths. Cat studied traditional jewelry making a jewelry trade school in Manhattan, giving them an emersion into the NYC jewelry industry.

       In the Collarbone Jewelry line, they use brass, bronze, base metals, raw stones and whimsical charms to handcraft a fashion jewelry collection that speaks to all walks of life regardless of gender expression. This collection spans many occasions, as you could find the perfect pair of earrings for your road trip adventure with friends or a simple necklace to wear to work.    

     Cat’s newest jewelry line, CAT LUCK, is the intense, nocturnal ying to Collarbone Jewelry’s breezy, chaotic yang. CAT LUCK brings together forged, minimalist, geometric, and personal pieces for all humans. This collection features sterling silver, 14K GF and 14K Gold. More complex jewelry construction techniques are used including soldering, wax-carving, mold-making and lost-wax casting.