Argyle Studios- Pittsburgh (Collarbone and CAT LUCK)

Bellwether- Sewickley (Collarbone and CAT LUCK) 

Contemporary Craft- Pittsburgh (CAT LUCK Collection only) 

FallingWater Museum Gift Shop- Mill Run (Custom Collection only)

Frick Museum Gift Shop- Pittsburgh (Collarbone and CAT LUCK) 

Kards Unlimited- Pittsburgh (Collarbone and CAT LUCK)

Love, Pittsburgh- Pittsburgh (Collarbone only) 

Mattress Factory Museum Gift Shop- Pittsburgh (Collarbone and CAT LUCK)

Nicole Taylor- Lancaster  (Collarbone Zodiac Necklaces only) 

PG+H- Pittsburgh (Collarbone and CAT LUCK) 

Phipps Botanical Gardens Gift Shop- Pittsburgh (Plant and insect inspired Collarbone Collection) 

Picket Fence- Pittsburgh (Collarbone and CAT LUCK)

Sol Collective- Aspenwall (Mostly only Collarbone)

Westmoreland Museum of American Art- Greensburg (Only Collarbone)

Wild Card- Pittsburgh (Mostly only Collarbone) 


Abyss- Salt Lake City (Collarbone Only) 

Hip and Humble- Salt Lake City  (Collarbone and Cat Luck)

Mary Janes Shoes- Park City (Mostly Only Collarbone)